• Highly efficient, complex products to a whole new generation of environmental protection - lean on fuel additive (Boost), made a revolutionary breakthrough in technical aspect, overcome the technological innovation of an engine, exhaust emission standards
  • New drilling fluid fortifier (DFL). DFL has been awarded the "top seven most advanced products of 2011" by LAGCOE, and was listed as "world oil" 2012 best drilling and completion product.
  • Lean on families and protective lubricant EGS PROTECT, is a kind of multi-purpose, PROTECT, prevent rust and corrosion, mechanical lubrication aging, eliminate noise from mechanical friction and dehumidifying effect and so on - the body of the high-end lu
Green Energy Changes The World
  • The technical seminar for EGS DFL is held in Beiji
    On April 15, 2014, colorful leaning branch company in China science and technology hall held us lean on drilling fluid enhancer (EGS DFL) technical seminar, with several research institutes, enterprises of oil and gas industry, media Shared a lean on dril
  • Indian fuel additive market analysis and future ma
    According to a February 2014 study by American consulting firm frostad, India's fuel additive market sales in 2013 were $46.9 million. In the next few years, it is estimated that the market will maintain a relatively stable growth trend. In 2018, the mark
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Typical domestic customer
  1. Yingkou port group co. LTD
Typical foreign clients
  1. North American VIPAR heavy card alliance
  2. Arizona Phoenix bus
  3. Florida Port operation

  4. Logistics (industrial and agricultural products)